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I’m a hardworking, quick learner, who’s insatiably curious and thoughtful. 


I’m an extremely hard worker who’s always willing to go the extra mile. I’m a quick learner who thrives on challenges and complicated problems. My curiosity drives me to constantly learn new things from the people around me– and use Google search around 200 times a day. I know first-hand that designing technology can be an extremely difficult process. I make it my priority is to be thoughtful and sensitive to the team to move projects forward as effectively as possible. Most importantly, I am never afraid to fail. 

My favorite part of design is user research.

I have always been fascinated by the way research informs and guides design. Strategic changes to an interface or how you say something can have a huge effect. My goals are to make people happy, design technology better, and surpass expectations.

I am drawn to research because it keeps me objective (and sane) even when my head and hands are deep into design and code. To me, design is an opportunity to put my ideas in front of millions of people, and just maybe, make their lives a little better. 

One day, I would like to redesign Google.



With over 3.5 billion searches a day, and Alexa rank #1, Google continues to be the the world’s most widely used search engine. 

Since its inception in 1997, Google has grown to be so much more than a search engine. It’s where we read our email, check our calendars, and store our documents. For many of us, Google is our gateway to the internet; a gatekeeper whom we trust to give us the best and most relevant information. Google globalizes the world, changes our economy and disseminates information equally and faster than ever before. In essence, Google unites us. 


In the Beginning

Google’s homepage remains similar to how it looked 17 years ago. In the past 17 years, not only has technology changed tremendously, but we have changed how we understand and interact with it. Maybe Google’s interface was best for people when they first launched. Maybe we didn’t quite understand search the way we do today. Are we now ready for a different search interface?  


A Few Questions

Is Google’s fear of losing its #1 spot keeping it from taking certain risks in (re)designing search? In other words, is Google’s look constraining it from making an even better Google? 

Furthermore, is Google vulnerable to a smart, agile competitor who has nothing to lose, and no image to maintain, eager to improve the way we search?


It would be awesome to take part in the future of redesigning Google because if Google is just a little better, humanity could be better. 

Why Google? 

I want to gain a better understanding of how to create the world’s most successful and widely used products. I want to get a taste of what it means to be in the “Big Leagues,” where the problems are complicated and design decisions are important. I want a chance to make the world a better place by having an impact on the millions of people that benefit from what Google brings to the world, and I want to learn this from the best.

I want to design and conduct user studies to gauge the usability and message of Google’s products including new and existing features.

I’d like to improve and learn more research techniques including usability interviews,  A/B testing, and card-sorting

Don’t just take it from me.

Hear it from some awesome people I’ve worked with.

At Hara Partners, I have seen dozens and dozens of interns in my time working there. Jacob not only takes the cake in regards to knowledge– also as a friend. Jacob and I still continue to work together on many projects and I don’t see it stopping in the near future.

David Markovich

Founder and CEO, Online Geniuses

I have had the pleasure to work with Jacob on a number of different projects at Net@Work. Throughout his internship he exhibited a noticeable fearlessness with which he tackled problems and accomplished tasks. A positive force of energy within our team and a great team-oriented worker. Best of luck Jacob!

Daniel Battelle

Project Manager, Net@Work

Jacob was one of the best front-end developer interns Hara has seen in a long time. He has done great work on various projects that were crucial in gaining certain clients such as Blackout BMX. His personality and talents brought a lot to the company as both an employee and a friend. I would definitely work with him again on future projects.

Sam Baron

VP of Business Development, Hara Partners

I had the privilege of working with Jacob and the web team on several projects at Net@Work. When I worked with Jacob, I found him as a proactive and responsible person who has a good command of web development skills. Besides this, he has a good personality and knows how to be a good team player. I highly recommend him!

Jiafu Chen

Web Developer, Net@Work

My Skills

  • Google Analytics 42%
  • Java 45%
  • Usability Interviews 50%
  • HTML/CSS 54%
  • Wireframing/Prototyping (Omnigraffle and Axure RP7) 60%
  • Competitive Analysis 62%
  • Crowd-sourcing Feedback 67%
  • Field Research 70%
  • Heuristic Analysis 73%
  • Google-lover 100%

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